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 Updated January 29, 2013  

Practical Woodworking 2014 Course Schedule 


We are pleased to re-direct you to our new JD Lohr School of Woodworking web site that we are confident you'll find a much easier site to navigate and find the info you need.


You can find the current 2014 Class schedule on the new web site at:




If you have any questions please email Jeff at Jeff@LohrWoodworkingStudio.com 




Course availability.   

Email JDLohrWood@aol.com to claim a bench today!    
FYI: Our courses generally sell out three to four months in advance of run date.  This sell out rate  is due primarily to referrals from previously attending students that recommend us to friends detailing  the quality of their experience they had here.  Additionally, our courses sell out quickly because  we are one of the few truly machine based courses available with enough redundancy in equipment to back it up.  These key ingredients coupled with our non-dogmatic, practical approach packing such an enormous amount of content in a week long course is what sets the J.D.Lohr School of Woodworking apart from all others.   


With only (11) eleven  students  to a class covered by (3) three highly seasoned professional woodworker/ teachers,  the tuition is a bargain.   We encourage you to shop around to other schools and compare what you are getting elsewhere with that of our  "Practical Woodworking" course.  From my own research, I'm confident you won't find a more  in-depth syllabus anywhere else as compared to our Practical Woodworking Course.  In shopping around, just remember that securing a bench in an offering such as ours is not  that dissimilar to buying a really great set of boards you find at the local mill.   If you pass on buying those beautiful boards when they are available, you can be reasonably sure of two things.  #1. the price won't be cheaper when you come back and  #2. when you come back later for those special boards,  it's more than likely someone else bought the lot in the mean time and you will be stuck with  #2 common or worse.   In the case here, the disappointment for delay in a timely booking of a bench is that often results in having to wait even longer to land a bench than you had at first hoped.   I look forward to fielding your request for a bench position by emailing me (Jeff) at JDLohrWood@aol.com




Should all the courses be sold out above and/or the dates don't work for you?  
Don't despair!
Email Jeffry at Jeff@LohrWoodworkingStudio.com and request to be put on our waiting list.  It is not unusual for us to get cancellations on enrollments plus we will always do our best to get you into a course.   Please include Phone Number and Postal Address in your waiting list request for ease of contact.  I give all my oath that all information given to Lohr Woodworking is sacred and will not be shared with any other person or entity for any reason.    

For general admission information and to be put on my contact list for advanced notice on new course listings all you need to do is send an email stating 

"I am interested in taking a course"

Post your request to  Jeff@LohrWoodworkingStudio.com 

Due to our school's reputation and cut-to-the-chase content, all courses sell out very far in advance. Since the year 2000, we have had 650+ students complete this . Email contact is the only way to gain entry to the school.  No one is under any obligation to register by making this simple email inquiry.  

PLEASE NOTE: Make no mistake about it, this is a machine based woodworking course.       This course is geared toward getting the quickest, repeatable, professional quality results in your own woodworking.  Students enrolling should either already own and/or at least have a plan to eventually purchase a tablesaw, jointer, & planer to get the most out of this course. You do not need these stationary tools to enroll, (in fact I'll teach you what to look for to make the best buy) but if you want to do serious woodworking you really need to plan to purchase and/or already own these very essential basic tools of the trade.

A personal note from Jeffry Lohr concerning course availability.

     "I am often called by folks that are disappointed that they can't get into a course right away and are dismayed that I only offer  9 classes of  11 students each per year.  However, the persistent aspiring woodworker should indeed be able to land a slot in one of my courses.  It may take a while, but I am confident you'll find it is worth the wait and the effort you put into it."    

    "All should remember that I am first and foremost a professional furniture maker and that is, and what will remain, the main focus of my work, hence the limited number of class offerings.   This focus on my own studio work  is also what makes me a very practical teacher rather than the more typical theoretical one.  Making furniture is how I make my living. I don't play at it. I have to make things quickly and efficiently and at the same time with a superior quality and look that enables me to sell it.  This real world focus is what drives such a high interest in my Practical Woodworking 101 course offering.   It is real world, nuts and bolts, get the job done safely and efficiently, serious woodworking."  

    "I teach because I get as much enjoyment out of it as my students, my facility is perfect for instruction, and also because I know there is a strong need for what I have to offer.  I've noticed that, with the exception of University Programs which are usually impractical for the working adult,  many schools seem to only offer what I call "project specific courses and/or process specific courses" such as make a dovetail box,  make a Windsor chair, or a jelly cupboard. There aren't a heck of a lot of nuts and bolts courses such as mine that focus on the practical way to develop and apply a complete base of skills that will enable you to tackle just about any woodworking project."           

   "If you haven't yet done so, take a quick look at My Furniture Gallery  and you'll learn more of what I am about.  Once you see what I actually do, perhaps you will better understand the reason why there are a limited number of courses available. Remember, be persistent and you'll make it into my school."   

Jeffry Lohr

Practical Woodworking Course Syllabus 

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