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The Hake Table / Fresh new 2003 Lohr design commissioned by Frank and Kathryn Hake. Click on thumbnails at right to view details of this extraordinary extension table that comfortably seats 6 to 10 people. 



  Hake Table full extension w-6chairs 700 x 375 low res copy.jpg (50197 bytes) Hake table under detail 2557 575x390 low res copy.jpg (30067 bytes)

  Hake Table closed 600x350 res 4 copy.jpg (38193 bytes) Hake Table end full opn view 625 x 400 res 4 copy.jpg (63665 bytes)

  Hake Table top end view 450 x 600 res 6 copy.jpg (79182 bytes) Hake Table grischuk top 400 x 600 res 6 copy.jpg (76179 bytes)

This is a new design that really must be seen in the flesh to appreciate.  I made two of these tables with Number One of course going to the Hakes who commissioned me to design and build this piece for them.  My wife and I are so in love with this design that we will be keeping the second piece.  A third in this design has already been commissioned and will be built in 2004.  Interested parties my inspect our piece in our home by appointment. 

The Hake Table Black walnut base, heavy figured cherry top with walnut breadboard end detailing. Very comfortable seating for 6 in closed position with seating for 10 in extended position. Dimensions: 42" wide - by 87" closed - by 114" full open.   Price $13,950


Coffee & End Table Tuffaro 72dpi copy.jpg (26077 bytes)SQUARE COFFEE TABLE -  36" x 36" x 18"high - four drawers opening from opposite ends. Greene & Greene style breadboard table top, similar constructed magazine shelf below.   Cherry with Walnut framing  Price- $7,550  

Night stand detail closeup 72 dpi copy.jpg (42379 bytes)ACCESSORY TABLES, END TABLES, NIGHT STANDS  I make any custom size in these types of tables but my standard size in this design is 24"high x 21"wide x 16" deep.  Price for a standard single drawer accessory table with lower shelf and in a fully detailed Greene & Greene style construction is:  Price $ 3,450 

CUSTOM ACCESSORY TABLES & END TABLES Any craftsman will tell you that redesigning an existing piece to a new (nonstandard) dimension is not a real big deal but it does take a lot of extra time.  With the exception of changes in height, any small change in depth and/or width on a design like this impacts on every other dimension on the piece.   Even small changes add a considerable amount of hours to the construction of each piece. For reference purposes you can count on custom sized versions of my accessory tables to roughly add about $400 to the cost of the standard priced  piece.    

Coffee Table 72 dpi copy.jpg (25946 bytes)TAYLOR COFFEE TABLE  Dual drawer piece in walnut and cherry.  Dimensions are 18"deep x 42"long x 18"high.  Price   Carved tusk tenon slip pin lower rail construction with F.L Wright style ends.  Price $5,950

ConsoleTableNOLAMP copy 550 x 420.jpg (33532 bytes)EIGHT LEG CONSOLE TABLE  Cherry & Walnut - 16"deep x 60"long x 29"high.  I don't make reproductions but this piece is as close as I have ever come.  The design was sprung from a photo of a library table in Greene & Greene's Blacker House project.  My piece is quite dissimilar but it is easy to see the inspiration if you are familiar with the Blacker House. Price $10,850    

LiveEdgeCoffeeTable_2010.jpg (267149 bytes)  Live Edge Coffee Table 2010  Unique Book Matched Walnut crotch with butterfly dovetail details.    Dimensions are 36" wide by 58" long by 17 1/2" high.    Price $2,950



     WdHingeTableClosed-+ text copy 348 x 400.jpg (27305 bytes)  WdHingeTableHalf + text 543 x 400.jpg (37649 bytes)  Wooden hinge drop leaf full open + text 560 x 400.jpg (38412 bytes)

SMALL WOOD HINGE GATE LEG - (pictured in thumbnails above) seating for 6 - 36"wide X (17" closed) X (41"half open) X (65" full open)     Price $8,550 

LARGE WOODEN HINGE GATE LEG - (not shown) seating for 8 - 36"wide X (29"closed) X 53"half open) X 77"full open)      Price $9,850

ABOUT MY WOOD HINGE TABLE DESIGN   I would be on firm ground to say that more contemporary woodworkers have been influenced by Sam Maloof than any other living woodworker.   Maloof’s chair designs are recreated by hundreds of studio furniture makers across the country.   My homage to this contemporary American artist is my wooden hinge drop leaf table.   It was kismet that my first discovery of the Arts & Crafts designers Charles & Henry Greene was from the same 1978 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine that I purchased specifically for a feature article on Sam Maloof.   Maloof graced the cover of that issue but a feature about the brothers Greene in that same issue turned out to be a major catalyst to my own career.

                All this is unnecessary background, but I do credit my wooden hinge drop leaf table design primarily to Sam Maloof.  We execute our wooden hinge drop leaf table designs differently.   I am unaware if Sam has ever done a gateleg design and I’ve never seen a breadboard end in any of his work.  None the less, the concept of the wooden hinge in a table should be fully credited to Maloof who is the only other person other than myself that I know to do this type of table.   Small wonder, it's just about the most difficult thing I make.          

Additional dining tables: 

Click Here for more details on 'Frontier" the most extraordinary table I have made to date!

 TABLE Ivan & Mary Table copy 400x450lowres.jpg (34775 bytes)    Table dining table collage copy 500x500lowres.jpg (46596 bytes)  

ABOUT MY DINING ROOM TABLES   The reality on my dining room tables is that I've made over a dozen different designs with no two of them being exactly alike except for my standard Wooden Hinge Drop Leaf Table design you will find further up this page and of course the Hake table.   Other than that drop leaf and the Hake design,  I have no other standard dining table that I do.  Every piece has either been custom to suit the needs of a specific patron or I  make them on speculation when I come across some gorgeous hunks of wood that  just screams, "Make a table out of me!".   Some whole log sets as well as some veneer sets just do that do me.  They match so well or just look so right that it would be criminal to not display them in anything other than the large field area of a table top.     Bottom line on prices for dining tables is rather nebulous as it depends on the design and the value of the material I am using.  The prices below represent the range of cost from a rather plain table with seating for six to an extraordinary and somewhat complicated table with seating for 10.  Larger tables are possible but I've never exceeded a 10 seater to date.    Dining table projects for designs other than my Wooden Hinge Drop Leaf & Hake Table are generally handled as a custom works project.  Please view my  "CUSTOM WORK" page for details on how we would get started on a custom commission for a very special table for your home.  Prices for dining tables range from $5,000 for more basic designs to $55,000 for some of my huge through and through cut exotic slab free for work.    

For what ever reason, tables tend to be the big draw for traffic on my website.  Yes I do some terrific tables but please visit my Casepieces page and/or Seating page for a better understanding of the true quality and nature of my work before signing off.  Thank you.  Jeffry Lohr

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