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Welcome to my seating page.  I make a wide range of Arts and Crafts style chairs, sofas, Morris chairs, love seats, and ottomans.  Many of my design types are completely unique to me in their form and function.  Along with the incorporation of  the most beautifully figured woods, superb joinery, and exquisite finishes, you will find the best quality upholstery.  Seats are fully coil sprung and laid up using the best time tested traditional methods of upholstery.  You will not find a cheap plywood and foam seat in any Lohr piece.  All the leather and fabric is stitched and laid up over hair, down & feathers, and/or multiple combinations of traditional upholstery materials.   

SOFAS & LOVESEATS Click on images to enlarge

   Love seat 72 dpi copy.jpg (28348 bytes)    Sofa plus Jeff 509 x 381 copy.jpg (25242 bytes)   Sofa Back 72 dpi copy.jpg (31250 bytes)   

Loveseat  (photo upper left) 42" x 76" x 29"high   Upholstery Style "A" = $ 16,450   Style "B"= $ 16,850

Full Size Table Sofa (middle and far right in photos above)  42" x 102" x 29"high   Upholstery Style "A" $ 19,250  Style "B" $19,950

      Upholstery Style "A" consists of individual sets of Morris Style cushions in each seating position as illustrated in the Loveseat photo on the far left above.    Upholstery Style "B" is what I am sitting on in the sofa picture in the middle of the above.   Upholstery Style "B" consists of a group of down filled loose cushions on a full coil sprung deck box spring.  The difference in price from style "A" to "B" is due to the expense of the down fill and the extra labor and materials required to make the "B" Style.  For more info about how the piece is upholstered and fabric and leather options, please see my Upholstery page. 

ABOUT MY TABLE SOFA DESIGN    The challenge for my Sofa and Loveseat was to create a design that was capable of fulfilling most of the functional furniture requirements for a comfortable living space in a single stand alone piece of furniture.  The design had to have just the right amount of detail and interest to elegantly define an architectural style and yet be equally at home in both formal and informal settings.  The multi-functional nature of the piece provides space for interesting displays around an inviting and comfortable sofa that is built into a table.  (Hence the name TABLE-SOFA)   This extraordinary piece can be dismantled for move-in through difficult entryways. 

MORRIS CHAIRS Click on images to enlarge.

Morris Chair & ottoman 72 DPI 465 x 420 copy.jpg (25044 bytes)  Momma Bear Morris Chair 368 x 430 copy.jpg (21097 bytes)  Howard Loveseat 72 dpi copy.jpg (28172 bytes) Howard love seat back 72 dpi copy.jpg (24357 bytes)

Poppa Bear Morris Chair  32.5"w X 37.5"d  X 40"h       Price $ 4,450

Ottoman 21"w X 21"d x 15"h      Price $ 2,375

Momma Bear Morris Chair 30.5"w X 34.5"d X 40"h     Price $ 4,250 

Howard's Double Morris Loveseat (third & fourth photo from right above) 56" x 38" x 40"  Price $9,850 

ABOUT MY MORRIS CHAIRS      My Morris Chairs are pieces that take over 120 hours to make and I believe mine to be the finest example of this type of chair available today.  My chair design features Macintosh inspired-pierced center side splats, Greene & Greene Style-raised and polished exposed mortise pins, steam bent back slats, hand turned back rest adjusters, and the absolute best in coil spring seat foundation upholstery.   Since 1993 I have made 25 Poppa Bear chairs and 13 Momma Bear chairs with each being numbered consecutively similar to the way a hull number is assigned to a sailboat.    Please don't compare my chair to the cheap plywood and foam seat type of upholstered chairs that some in the trade produce and have the gumption to call a Morris Chair.   William Morris (the original inventor of this type of recliner-easy-chair) would roll over in his grave if he was aware of his name being attached to such inferior type of productions with cheap plywood & foam foundations.   See my UPHOLSTERY  page for the facts on how a fine chair of this name and design should be laid up.    To those in the know, a well made Morris Chair is the best chair money can buy. 

DINING CHAIRS Click on images below to enlarge.

Arm Chair 72 dpi 250 x 423.jpg (18360 bytes)        Side Chair copy.jpg (20941 bytes)      side chair detail copy.jpg (16994 bytes)   

Arm Chair (first photo on left above)  47"h X 25"w X 22"d   Price $ 2,350 

Side Chair (middle photo)  47"h X 19"w X 22"d         Price  $ 1,850

ABOUT MY DINING CHAIRS     My Arm & Side chair designs were inspired by equal helpings of Charles Rennie Macintosh and Greene & Greene with a lot of Jeffry Lohr thrown into the mix.  The back piercings in the splat are flawlessly executed by a process I call "board exploding", which yields sharp crisp mortises that read perfectly in the design.  The slip seat frame is webbed with an Italian elastic web with the fill material being non resonated densified batting which is very difficult to work with but yields an extremely comfortable slip seat.     This is then covered with your choice of leather.  Customer's own fabric may be substituted for leather.        


      If you are considering a seating piece, how the piece actually sits is extremely important.  Whether you are buying from a studio furniture maker like myself or even from a department store you would do yourself a huge favor to learn a bit about upholstery or you will be comparing apples to oranges when shopping.   Please check out my UPHOLSTERY page to educate yourself on the important things to look for in an upholstered piece.       

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